standard Ron Paul is a Rock Star

Ron Paul has taken his freedom message to the people and they have responded. No one else has the kind of appeal Ron Paul has.

Ron Paul smiling close-upNo one else delivers the political goods like Ron Paul can.

He has swooped into the 2012 campaign season and taken the country by storm.

The surprise is that he appeals so much to young people.

He, unlike Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, inspires young people that would otherwise likely be sitting around under the sun indulging in mind altering substances and sexual improprieties just like I did when I was young.

Ron Paul, The Rockstar

The generation that is currently making its way through higher education understands the message of freedom just fine. They understand that they will have to pay for the wasteful policies the federal government currently supports. They will have to pay for the undeclared wars perhaps with their lives. Such policies should be unacceptable to their parents, too.



So why is it that the only presidential candidate who addresses these issues and has a real plan to apply real solutions is not leading the Republican Party to the promised land? Why is it that someone as popular as Ron Paul is not winning all the primaries and caucuses this election season? I may not have the answers, but I have some strong opinions. All is not as it seems.

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By Szandor Blestman

Ron Paul is a Rock Star

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  • I just love it when people say the generally unsaid.