standard Ron Paul; A Good Reason to Vote Republican

A Good Reason to Vote

[Edited 08/16/2011]

By: Vizfact

One of the reasons I like Ron Paul is because he doesn’t feel that NAFTA is a fair deal to the United States of America, and I agree.

After William Jefferson Clinton signed NAFTA into our lives, we lost a lot of jobs, and we are still losing them. The American workforce is the most productive in the world, hands down, so why shouldn’t we get the work back?

We would actually have a small government and a law abiding President in the White House with Ron Paul.

Maybe we could even have fair trade, and neutrality or even friendship with nations the likes of Russia, Pakistan, Palestine, North Korea, Cuba, and China. We would score big points if we could get a fair trade deal with China.

States may even be allowed to defend their borders from unlawful intrusion and it makes sense because the Federal Government isn’t doing it.

Ron Paul Can Win!

The citizens of The United States would be able to opt out of like Social Security & Medicare. Today, being friends of the administration gets you an Obamacare waiver; keep in mind, selective law enforcement is the first sign of tyranny.

By getting us the hell out of all of the blood sucking wars we find ourselves in, we can cure the financial woes of the nation, or at least, come damn close. Which is far better than any president in recent history has done.

Ron Paul, a presidential contender that clearly understands sound money, the problem with The Federal Reserve, and how they are affecting our nations economy with its unconstitutional monetary policies.


Real Leadership

Being that we would be under constitutional law, we should have high expectations of seeing the end of the Soviet style Czars that we now have in government, which have minimal accountability and are unelected.

We could expect insane job growth with the removal of business hindering legislation and of coarse, getting government the heck out of the way, we need Ron Paul or we are economically finished.

The “too big to fail” notion is silly and ignorant and Dr Ron Paul knows this, we could expect and abrupt end to corporate welfare, which is sad and pathetic.

Dr. Ron Paul has served in the military as a battlefield surgeon he is a man with testicular fortitude and an eagerness to help, under fire.

We could also look forward to restoring the United States Dollar to its former glory, before it becomes the Peso.

You are not alone if you believe that the drug war isn’t working, Ron Paul would be for a full overhaul of the so called drug war.

If Ron Paul somehow secures the nomination for a run at Barack Obama and the Office of President of The United States of America, I’m voting for him.

Ron Paul also wants to close the IRS. Awesome!


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