standard Retired Mailman Signs Damning Affidavit About Obama

Domestic Terrorists Funded Foreign Student Obama’s Education


Barack Obama "Barry Soetoro" poutingIt seems that more evidence is mounting against President Barack Obama everyday.

Allen Hulton, the retired Chicago mail carrier for domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and his wife Mary, has signed an affidavit that may prove damaging.

Hulton delivered the Ayers’ mail between the late 1980s and the early 1990s, and claims that they bragged about putting a “foreign student” through school.

He states that he had met this young student, and is completely certain that it was Barack Obama.

When Hulton inquired about his future plans, he says that the young man confidently declared that he was going to become “President of the United States” as if it had “already been determined.”

The following is a video of Allen Hulton discussing the information in his sworn affidavit.


Hulton Blows the Whistle on Obama:

By: Melissa S.


Mailman Says Obama Was a Foreign Student Sponsored by the Ayers



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