standard Republicans Must Be Stupid, Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney? Is this some kind of a sick joke?

For all the support Mitt Romney gets from so called Republicans (and Democrats in disguise) I am left wondering if they are doomed to go down in history as the age of political dumbassery. I’m sure by now you are either laughing or either wondering where I am going so I won’t delay. I watch the scene and absorb the political games and I see stupidity masquerading as mainstream conservatism which it isn’t.

For everything I just said I saw in the universe of immense stupidity, I never saw this one coming; the likelihood that Republicans will choose the man who lost to John McCain, to run against the man that Beat John McCain. Mitt Romney is Barack Obama last I checked, go figure. (Hint: laugh)

Enter Mitt Romney, Career Political Loser

The Republican establishment can’t at all be serious about actually dethroning King Barack Obama with the man that lost to the man he beat in 2008.

I know, its sounds silly, but that’s who these idiots are rallying around.

I, for one, like Ron Paul because he doesn’t switch his views and he understands the plight of an unfair justice system on minorities.

He understands the current state of monetary slavery we all live under.

The man knows the Federal Reserve’s control of our currency is unlawful. The man has balls. I like that challenging the status quo bit, that’s awesome.

Mitt Romney is a self-exposed Spineless Lying Pussycat FlipFlopologist

Mitt Romney will do and say anything to get elected, yet the brain-dead 20% of the Republican electorate are actually supporting him. I can’t believe Mitt Romney is even taken seriously when everything in the video below is true likely based on truth.

So how did you like seeing Mitt Romney’s finest? I know, that video was brilliant, just brilliant I tell ya! I guess you can see why I call the people supporting Romney brainless. He can’t beat Obama he couldn’t even beat McCain, and nobody liked his sellout ass.

One thing is for damn sure, if Mitt Romney is elected President of the United States in 2012 he will make so much money using his new power that it will make the money he helped Bain Capital pilfer look like chump change.


By VizFact | 01/12/2012

Republicans Must Be Stupid, Mitt Romney

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  • Nealb4zodd

    Mitt Romney will be your next U.S. President. ~BOOM!

    •  I don’t care who the next president is you retard, they are all puppets. I’d prefer Ron Paul though. Thanks for your comments, this post needed some comment love.

  • Nealb4zodd

    Let me write Vizfact’s bio. . . Vizfacts is a Houston Texas native and may be a fine gentleman, friend of humanity and pillar to the community, but when it comes to politics and truly understanding the pulse of America, he fails miserably. We’re talking SHORT BUS central .. . and Viz not only rides the bus, he drives the bus.  VizFact voted for Obama and all his awesome Hope & Change and even though we are far worse than we were when Mister Obama took office, Viz still can get his head out of his @ss and recognize how crappy Mister Obama did. – -which right there should demonstrate how poorly Viz understands economics and politics.  -Lets hope Viz sticks to what he knows . . .being a fine friend of humanity. bravo, Viz.   – cheers!

    •  Umm, … I’d kinda rather vote for Romney than Obama, but they are both worthless in my opinion. You are a damn fool to the 9th degree if you think I am an Obama supporter. You racists are all alike, all you see is skin color.

    • Payitforward74

      If you actually think that VizFact is an Obama supporter, you obviously haven’t bothered to read anything else on the blog. Someone who’s blind, deaf, and dumb could see that’s not the case. Obviously, the latter applies to you, because you’re making claims that have no basis in (obvious) reality. Thanks for stopping by though. We love when people decide to come by and make themselves look like imbeciles!

  • CheneysFlatulentCakehole

    Dubbya was president twice. Proof enough that this is a senseless chaotic universe. If the stupidest and smuggest creature in creation can be POTUS why not Romney? Why not another schmuck?

    • Point Taken. Ouch.

      Finest Regards