standard Real Talk With Kev Hacked! No!!

I am a subscriber to Real Talk with Kev, not that I watch any of his videos or anything, but I liked his work and viewed his “works” for ideas on video editing. He puts a lot of work into his videos with massive editing so he instantly gained my respect on the basis of hard work, not content.

His content, however, is pretty good, and entertaining. The man had lots of great videos about dating and relationships and shit, so it was a very interesting and timeless set of work he did.

Unfortunately, all Real Talk With Kev‘s shit was deleted.

Here what Kevin has to say about and please, support him. I don’t know the brother, nor do I watch his videos because I have superior game as far as women and relationships are concerned, but I am in full support of him, and since I don’t do videos in his arena (yet) I support him and watch him for future competitive reasons. (I live for competition, that’s just me.)

I would suggest that he just change his passwords on everything, stop bitching, and act as if nothing happened. Him disabling comments (on the YouTube Video) and crying like a bitch on camera is weak. But like he said, he has another channel. If he stops doing videos I am going to trash him for being weak and under the control of the hater.

I guess YouTube shouldn’t be a trusted source for video storage because he doesn’t cry like a man that had his videos backed up.

Stay Militant,

VizFact the Dude

Real Talk With Kev Hacked! No!!

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