standard 10 Questions for The Next Presidential Debate

Questions I Would Ask The Presidential Candidates…


On the Income Tax and The Monetary System

Do you believe the income tax is legal, and if so, have you ever seen the law requiring it to be paid on a private citizen’s labor? If found not to be lawful or to be providing any services, would you end it?

(See JFK)

We'd Like to ask a few questions

Do you believe the power to print and coin money should be returned to the congress (as is the law according to the US Constitution) and moved out of the hands of private bankers? Why?

What do you think are the best steps to ending corruption in Washington?


On Citizens Rights

What do you think was the founders’ intent when making the right to bear arms the law of our land?

If elected president, what would your first steps be to remove to United States from #1 on the list of countries with the highest prison population versus population count?

Since the airwaves are owned by the public, do you think it is a fair idea to require all recipients of broadcasting licenses to give a percentage of free air time to political candidates to end the power of money in politics? Why?


On World Leadership

Are YOU going to allow China to take over space or will you get the USA firmly cemented as space leadership?

If globalism was shown to be a bad idea for human rights and/or America, would you try to limit America’s participation in it?

Would you agree with experts that say the United States bankrupt? Why? If so, what are you going to do about it as our leader?


The Money Baby, Reparations!

The United States paid reparations to the Japanese Americans that were rounded and treated like cattle during World War 2, paid Native Americans, bailed out Europe and the worlds most richest banks, subsidizes the oil industry, sends out foreign aid to the tune of 100’s of billions of dollars per year.

Do you think it is high time to pay Americans descended from African slaves, their just due?

By VizFact

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