standard Queen Frankie, The VizTV Cat

Kneel Before Queen Frankie aka “VizTV Cat”

The VizTV Cat

Meet Frankie. The Executive Assistant Vice President and CFO of The VizFact Dot Com network. As you can see, a prime example of why nothing gets done around here. I know you are thinking, "that cat is capable of executively assisting the pimping that goes on, on the VizFact Dot Com Network?" I say to you: damn right. Sometimes things are so simple they don't need explanation and sometimes, we have to take these little tidbits and turn them into culture. Some of you won't understand the significance of having a house cat on the board and, this alone, perfectly explains why you will never understand. Frankie agrees wholeheartedly with everything the president does. Frankie would be perfect for a government job. Frankie prefers bar-b-que instead of mildew. Frankie is not to be trifled with.

Thank you for wasting a few seconds of your life to meet Frankie.

By: VizFactimus Maximus (Have some respect, I may be your father.)

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Lord Frankie, The VizTV Cat

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  • Payitforward74

    Wait, are you serious?  If that cat is above me on the totem pole, I quit!  It’s hard to tell because you keep changing my job title  lol

    • 😛

      You are VP now. I had to demote the cat.

      Finest Regards

      • Melissa S

        Woohoo, awesome! Sorry, queen Frankie. I know it hurts LOL