standard QE3 and Why You Should Buy Silver

Silver & Gold Prices Rise After QE3 Announcement


Shrinking dollar - buy silver

On Thursday, Ben Bernanke essentially drove the final nail into the economic coffin when he announced QE3.

Round 3 of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing (QE) plan to stimulate the economy is certainly not going to ease anything for you and I.

It isn’t going to create jobs.  In fact, it’s going to send inflation through the roof.

If you aren’t familiar with quantitative easing, here is a video that explains how it works.


Quantitative Easing Explained:


The value of the dollar has been steadily on the decline for a long time, but QE3 is likely going to destroy the dollar completely.

The cost of living is going to skyrocket as the value of those dollars in your pocket decrease, and soon you will not be able to afford the basic necessities.

That’s what happens when the Fed decides to keep printing money when there’s no gold to back it.

And that’s also why, immediately after Bernanke’s announcement on Thursday, that the spot price of gold and silver bullion spiked.

People know that QE3 is not going to stimulate the economy, it’s going to destroy it, therefore they’re making the wise decision to invest in something that has value….precious metals.

Precious metals such as gold and silver will always have value, unlike fiat currency that is worth nothing more than the paper it’s printed on.

If you’ve ever considered purchasing precious metals, this would be a good time.  Now that the Federal Reserve has dropped it’s QE3 bomb, we can expect the price of precious metals to continue to rise, as people purchase it to hedge against the hyperinflation that’s coming.

Here is an informational video that explains why everyone should own physical silver.

The economic collapse is coming.  The time to prepare is now.


Top 14 Reasons to Buy Silver:

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