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I’m not for crime, criminals, or the criminal element, but seeing jailed inmates escape from a Texas jail is romantic in a number of ways. One of the main reasons I love the idea of a prison escape is simply the kind of world we live in. More and more our civilization is becoming a track-all watch-all prison planet so to speak, but the kind we can’t escape from.

Man was never intended to be caged like an animal so my support goes to any man with the skill and discipline to escape from a Texas prison. I am also not against them being recaptured by the good men and women of law enforcement if they are stupid enough to get caught after going through the trouble to escape in the first place.

Taking over the prison shop had to be a complete adrenaline rush, not that I condone criminal activity or anything of the sort, but I know it was fun! George Rivas (executed in 2012) was the ringleader who masterminded the escape and can you blame him? He was serving a minimum mandatory sentence of 270 years prior to being eligible for parole.

He must have had a bad lawyer, or should of at least talked with his buddies in the criminal community about hiring a top shelf board certified lawyer. Damn, 270 years for a few armed robberies? I’m sure he would have learned his lesson in 5 to ten.

The Texas Seven

The Texas Seven was a group of prisoners who escaped from the John B. Connally Unit near Kenedy, Texas, on December 13, 2000. They were apprehended a little more than a month later, on January 21–23, 2001, as a direct result of the television show America’s Most Wanted. Wiki

These bastards sealed their fate when they killed that cop. You know we can’t be soft of people who murder public servants. All in all, these criminals executed a sound prison break strategy only to get caught and sentenced to die in Texas.

The Texas Seven | Criminal Prison Escape

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