standard Prime Cut of Meat or Glued-Together Scraps?

Deceived by Meat Glue


Meat glue

Is your steak really scraps held together by meat glue?

That may appear to be a nice prime cut of meat you’re eating, but is it really? Or is it scraps that have been joined together using meat glue?

Transglutaminase enzyme, known as ‘meat glue’, is made the coagulant of either cow or pig blood.

The food industry is using it to magically turn meat scraps into one solid tasty-looking piece of meat.

It’s unsafe, but you’re probably eating it often and don’t even realize it. Butchers are using it. Restaurants are using it too, and not even experts can always tell.

Because of the way process involved, meat ‘constructed’ this way carries an increased risk of causing food poisoning.

It’s disgusting, it’s deceptive, and you have to see it to believe it.

Do you have some in your refrigerator?  You’ll probably never know for sure.


Meat Glue: The Food Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

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Is Meat Glue Holding Your Food Together?

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