standard Planned Parenthood Pays To Play Politics

Planned Parenthood recycles government funding into political campaigns.

A Planned Parenthood political action committee (PAC) is spending big bucks in Colorado to sway voters, and in effect, solidify their racket on the murder of innocence.


Its true, an organization which gets funding from the government, is now spending that very same money, to affect government.

Perpetual Fraud for Birth Control!

That whole funky government apparatus is like an automatic immorality replicator device of some kind.


The numbers as we have them are as follows;

  • 5,000,000.00 to run pro-abortion spam in battleground states like Virginia and Ohio.
  • 800,000.00 to run pro-Obama ads in Denver.
  • And, like the NFL, they ran pink propaganda campaign the likes of the one run in the NFL during the month of October for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (which, aside from whatever they claim to have to do with breast cancer, donates some of their donor money to planned parenthood) in Denver prior to the presidential debates between Romney and Obama.

Tax payer funding of their own long term genocide is a monstrosity of a concept, true, and real in every way.

Killing Babies is O.K. if based on Women’s Health

They program and desensitize us with wordplay. The agenda you think the funky apparatus has, is different. The government gets what it pays for, and always gets what it wants, which is why we have what we see now.

The Great American Collapse is in Full Swing! (In mind, body, money, and soul.)


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Inspired by Planned Parenthood PAC Buys Denver Ads

Planned Parenthood Pays To Play Politics

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