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Buying a New Car


A man loves a good car that’ll get up and go when the time comes and my old Chrysler 300M kicks ass. So when that “box car wanna be phantom” hit the market I decided to stay on the sidelines and wait on the redesign, well low and behold that new 300 m0del is out, and it is something of beauty & excellence.


The car was out of production in February 2011, but I wasn’t interested in buying it as soon as it came out, I was thinking “maybe get it in the fall” after I got some financial matters resolved. To my surprise a few weekends later (April/May-ish) I got a letter from Capital One Bank indicating a preapproval for like 45,000.00 and I was like “well shee-it”, “why not”.


I get all the docs and paperwork that I knew I would need and went to the dealership firmly expecting to leave with both of my cars, mind you , I have absolutely no intention on trading in my current vehicle, its paid for.


After reluctantly hanging out at the dealership for about 4 or 5 hours, come to find out; the bank only wants to approve me for 15000.00.  I bailed out. I don’t need a tricycle. My history is more than good enough to have that car financed, with little, to nothing down, & with a reasonable APR.


Three week’s later (June 2011) I get an email, with a deal ready to go. Its a very shitty deal, 730.00$ a month or some insane fucking nonsense. AWESOME! I got them to the table. Again, I go to the dealership, I wasted no time, I began negotiating them down, then Chad brings his pot-belly over to me and the salesman, tries to sell me a lesser vehicle, he says, “you sure you can handle that much car”, bastard tried to sell me a 200 (WTF!).


I politely shook his hand, saluted the Veteran who was my sales man, I can’t remember the dudes name, and speed out of there in disgust, I had wasted some precious time.


Last week (July 2011) I get a handwritten card from the Chrysler dealership which, I don’t want to say coincidentally, arrived the same day I got an email from the dealership with a far superior offer,”3200.00″ down (rebates will eat that up) and a payment of less than 600 per month, now the bastards are talkin my language, but that still ain’t good enough, they are trying to screw me in APR, its so insane its like 15.00 APR – lol WTF!!! are they on drugs?


Next play, hold them off till September, I have them right where I want them, I am going to buy either on the first of August or September, that way I get the whole month to pay off the down payment (if I even do a down payment, sign the deal on the 30th, and then get 45 more days with no payment. That’s living baby.


I’ll keep ya posted on what happens. You know, I could always offer them a sizable down payment and make their asses scramble. Hehe, Revenge! Expect nothing less from the The Best Go-Damn blog on the Planet!

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