standard Peter Schiff on Government Birth Control

Schiff Blasts Government Birth Control

There goes Peter Schiff again, telling it like it is as if anyone would give a screaming damn. 

He’s talking about birth control and how silly it is to have the public pay for sexual misconduct in the form of forced birth control finance. (Those are my words)

If you lay down, be ready to deal with the results.

Actually, I think the Obama administration was trying to force the Catholic Church to pay for its employees abortions which is just sick. Compliments of Obamacare.

I didn’t know birth control pills “helped” women’s skin complexion. Interesting.

Peter Schiff on “Free” Birth Control

Welcome to the new world of gender discrimination due to health care cost damage control. Good for men though. We won’t have to worry about some employer not hiring us for fear having to finance our sex habits via birth control. lol!

We now have to deal with higher insurance costs because some stud didn’t pull out.

Good grief

Welcome To China!

Peter Schiff on “Free” Birth Control

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  • Melissa S

    Amen to that!

  • Jrose369

    Who cares about paying fir birth control, look at all the other “conditions” big pharma is treating with their worthless drugs. Shaky leg syndrome….right…..Viagra….right….old men pop their Willie. No difference. How about we teach people to eat healthy?

    •  I can agree to that one…

  • Freewilly

    Oh yeah what. About the public burden of lung cancer, alcohol misuse, eating fast food. I would rather pay for birth control then someone,s smoking habit gone bad. Make the cigarette companies offer health insurance. Make the fast food companies offer heart disease insurance.

    • Maybe we should just kill everyone, then no one would have to pay for anyone’s insurance, and no one will ever get sick. I refuse to pay for anyone else, sorry. I have hard enough time paying for my own shit.