standard Paying Tolls For Life In Houston

I was wondering if Toll Roads in Houston would ever become free once they were paid off and according to my investigation it seems like a scam was in play from the gitgo.

After searching the internets for similar opinions from fellow Houstonians, I ran across an article on ABC13’s website and was happy to see that the issue did get a little light shed on it. However, I was disappointed to see that not only were the toll roads paid off, but paid for almost 10 times over in some cases. One of the toll roads cost 14 million dollars to build, and has earned over 1 billion dollars and pushing.

This most excellent hustle is duplicated with other toll roads too.

When Wayne Dolcefino (a Houston reporter) started getting on people’s ass about the matter it was said that it was never promised that paid off toll roads would become freely accessible, yet it was hinted if you read that article on ABC13’s website.

Final Thought

Defacto Lexus lanes all over Houston.
Insane ignorant profit.
Can I get in on the Hustle?

Toll Roads | Houston | Will They Ever Become Free?

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