standard One Moment Please; A Comcast Story

Those Sorry Bastards, I Hate Comcast!

While already having an unfortunately damned situational living experience being forced, in so many ways, to be Comcast customer, “this shit dun went off again” and Comcast, they must effing die!

I am in the middle of my most deliciously important Photoshop studies partaking in an online course and this Comcast shit just died on me. Right in the middle of my project the internet connection died.

I know what it was, those devil worshiping, child molesting, sewage runoff water drinking muther****ers got together for dinner this evening and conspired to attack and VizFact in any way they could and they took extra measures and great pains to make sure it was at a critical key moment.

Life couldn’t be better.

I was once a proud subscriber to AT&T Uverse.

When I moved, things changed. I was forced to become a changed man because of Comcast. I am now a ruined and financially raped man who has to live with the constant pain and agony of the bloody puss leaking boil known as Comcast. Even the stubble on my face is rougher now that I have to use this Comcast abomination of a service.


Comcast Caused Frankie To Have Bowel Movement Problems

The cat just isn’t the same cat it used to be. She doesn’t even have solid waste anymore. It’s a bit runny, because of Comcast.

It’s their entire fault entire fault life sucks now. Comcast and second dryer cycles should be the absolute first thing The Most High God destroys when he graces us with his consciously witnessed presence.


Comcast and Food

Milk spoils in two weeks because of Comcast and the bacon, god’s gift to mankind, taste like shit. Cakes and sugar aren’t sweet anymore and, and, and, they make me mad. Hmm, maybe garlic and holy-water will fix those toe fungus face lotion using filthy prick lovers.


Comcast Must Die!

Imagine if I had the home phone service, which reminds me, the alarm system just turned off, so I guess if it wasn’t for my trusty mind changer (pew pew!), I would have no tangible security outside of my own manliness.


They better get this shit straight before football season kicks in because if this shit happens during a Texans game I am going to go down there and kick some ass, or either switch to that Verizon Dish Netw….oh, let me not go there, Yet!


Revive Comcast, Kill Them Again!

Damn I am trying to finish the post and this shit still isn’t on yet?


Seriously? 185$ a month you whores better pull the chickens out of your rectums and stick it the damn plug and let it transmit my signals!

You evil chlamydial discharge sucking bastards!



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