standard Oh Yes, Ron Paul CAN Still Win the Nomination!

Ron Paul’s Delegate Strategy


Many people mistakenly believe that Mitt Romney has the Republican nomination in the bag.

That’s what happens when you listen to the mainstream media, which is STILL trying to ignore Ron Paul.

The nomination isn’t won by popular vote, however. It’s the delegates that count, and Paul is racking up delegates at lightening speed….which, of course, the media doesn’t want you to know.

Do not lose hope.  It’s looking more and more likely that there will be a brokered convention this year, and Ron Paul could absolutely win this thing.

Warren G. Harding won in a brokered convention in an amazing turn of events back in 1920, so it is most definitely possible and even probable, considering the overwhelming support that Paul has.

Below is an episode of Reality Check where Ben Swann explains what’s really happening with the delegates.

Things are about to get VERY interesting.


Reality Check – Ron Paul is Winning Delegates



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Ron Paul is Racking Up Delegates

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