standard Obamacare, Strip Searches & a Confused Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court did what?


What the heck is going on in Washington, DC??Supreme Court


I mean, many of us have been asking that for a very long time.

But for those that weren’t yet convinced that something is terribly wrong with the system, it’s time for you to wake up.

Obama had the audacity to issue a warning to the Supreme Court Justices about overstepping their authority if they rule Obamacare unconstitutional.

Hello, what??!

Isn’t this the same President that passed the NDAA as well as wrote the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order?

That’s the one about peacetime martial law, if you aren’t familiar.

Moving right along to the other issue at hand.

Our Supreme Court has now ruled that strip searches are legal any time someone is arrested, even if it is for a minor offense, such as a traffic violation.

No reasonable suspicion necessary!

Below is a clip from The Daily Show.

At least Jon Stewart is capable of finding the rumor in these things, which are no laughing matter.  Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.


The Daily Show – The Supreme Court:


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 The Supreme Court on Obamacare & Strip Searches

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  • interesting stufff. wow. The bastards WatchSatan DC know no bounds..