standard Obama Supporters Can Now Eat Their Words

Barack Obama: The Biggest Fraud in U.S. History


It’s finally official. Barack Obama‘s birth certificate is fraudulent.

Surprise, surprise!  Not.

Those who are not mind-controlled by the government and media have known for a long time that he wasn’t who he said he was.

Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio deserves a medal for seeing this through and boldly exposing Obama for what he is….a fraud.  It’s about time someone grew some balls.

That’s right, your president is in the White House illegally!!


Here is the full report:

Sherriff Joe Arpaio Report on Obama Birth Certificate


It may have taken years for them to prove he is not who he claimed to be, but the truth always comes out eventually, despite the smoke screens he’s been throwing up to distract the public.

Actually, we still don’t know who he REALLY is.  Obama has done quite an impressive job of keeping that information hidden.

Unfortunately for this country, that’s the only impressive thing he’s done….unless you consider murdering thousands of innocent people in foreign countries through illegal wars impressive.

Or legalizing the indefinite detention and assassination of American citizens by signing the NDAA.

Speaking of which, don’t be surprised if Obama attempts to invoke martial law now that he’s been caught red-handed in the biggest case of fraud against the American people in U.S. history.


How Does it Feel Knowing Obama Tricked You?


To all of the sheep that kept accusing those of us that knew something wasn’t right of beating a dead horse, how does it feel to know that you were dumb enough to be duped?

Handwritten joke birth certificate

Obama's birth certificate is as valid as this one!

Let this be a lesson to you. Turn off your TV and stop allowing yourselves to be brainwashed!

And to those of you that still consider him your almighty savior, bow to your master, fools. Continue to sell your souls for government handouts, and enjoy your slavery!

The real question is what will happen from here?  Will Congress do as they should and take action against Barack Obama?

Considering that many of our elected officials seem to be hell bent on enslaving the American people and stripping them of all Constitutional rights, I doubt it.

They’ve already proven they can’t be trusted to uphold their oaths of office.

It’s obvious that Obama must be removed from office, but if Congress refuses to initiate impeachment proceedings, then what?

I think the time is long overdue for us to remind them that THEY work for US.

After all, if a U.S. citizen pulled off the fraud incident of the century, they would be in prison. It’s time that we the people demand that justice be served.

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Obama is a Fraud!



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  • LOLZ…

    Nice tinfoil hat you have there, Melissa. Or is that a tinfoil *hate*?

    “Rubbing people the wrong way,” eh? Go figure! Is that a REQUIREMENT for Ron Paul supporters? You guys are verrrry consistent that way!

    • Melissa S

      Ah yes, and here come the sheep already!  Nothing like living with your eyes wide shut, is there? I guess for the most hopelessly foolish, no amount of proof will ever be enough.

      • “no amount of proof” LOL!

        That’s exactly how much “proof” you have, wingnut.

        • Melissa S

          I guess in your screwed up head it isn’t proof when 10 CIA agents say something is a fake LOL

        • These people are to blinded by hate, ignorance and intolerance they cannot see anything but that. Their lies fuel their beliefs and thus they are empty and souless if there is such a thing. The ones that do not fall under that catagory are just burn outs that are tired of being busted for drugs and think his “it’s okay to do drugs” policy is all they need to know or care about.

    • To be ignorant of ones own
      ignorance is the malady of the

    • The things people go through to try to trash Ron Paul, its pathetic when they try to use private citizens as a catalyst. I’d protect my kids around this guy.

  • Ignorant Sheeples…

  • Wow, epic blog post. Kick their asses Melissa! lol Boy if the brainless sheep are pissed about this one wait till I publish the bomb I have been saving for later tonight.

    • Melissa S

       I figured I’d warm them up for you LOL  Can’t wait to see what you’re going to drop later.

      • I would imagine it’s brown, and goes in a white porcelain bowl.

        • Melissa S

          Steve, do you have anything intelligent to contribute?  I’d bet not considering you’re incapable of accepting the truth when it’s handed to you. We know you made a mistake in voting for him. Hopefully, someday you’ll wake up like so many of the others and be able to admit that too.

  • And I am sure there is 10 others that say they are full of shit.. He says, she says… Blah blah blah… Black Sheep have you any Paul’s yes sir yes sir, racist emails for all

    • Melissa S

      Brent, that’s typical of someone who is incapable of doing actual research. It was proven that Paul did not write the newsletters and didn’t know anything about them at the time. Stop beating a dead horse and try to come up with some legitimate argument. Oh yeah, that’s right, you can’t.

      • You tell Brent to “stop beating a dead horse,” yet you insist on bringing up this ridiculous Birther clap-trap that has been PUBLICLY disproved for a LONG time.

        Why don’t YOU come up with an HONEST reason you don’t like Obama, instead of making up silly little fairy-tales?

        • Melissa S

          And by “publicly disapproved”, you probably mean Obama denying it LOL I don’t see you posting any PROOF of anything. All you’re doing is making yourself look stupid by shooting off your mouth. Perhaps you should watch the video. Maybe you’ll learn something….such as how a birth certificate cannot be legitimate if they’ve proven it was put together in layers.

          And I dislike Obama because everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. The only people that don’t see that are the ones who are blind, deaf, dumb, and brainwashed.

          • I would certainly have to admit you’d be an expert on the subject of making yourself look stupid.

          • Melissa S

            LMAO!  It just gets funnier each time you post. You should really just be a man and admit that you have absolutely no valid source information to back your statements and be done with it.

          • Melissa S

            So let me get this straight, you think that a blog post of some person’s opinion of whether or not Arpaio is correct is a legitimate source that proves something?  ROFL!!  Come on now, even you can’t be quite THAT stupid, can you?  Please try harder. You’re really make this too easy for me. *yawn*  Wake me up when you’re able to find a credible source.

          • So let ME get this straight: You think that your private blog post somehow magically has more credibility than the Phoenix New Times newspaper?

            And you’re representing yourself as a “credible source”?

            Enjoy your fantasy world. I give up. Goodbye! 🙂

          • If this was a private blog post your brilliancy would have never found it.

            And yes, it has far more credibility than the blog your keep linking it too. Yes, that link your are linking to is a blog and not a news source. It just happens to be blog hosted on the news domain.

            And since when was main stream news credible?

          • Payitforward74

            My “private blog post” actually has links to credible information. The link you posted does not. It’s just a rant against Arpaio.

            However, what that blog post DOES provide is proof that backs what MY post says. The evidence that the birth certificate is fake is right there for everyone to see. Whoever wrote that blog post (I’m guessing it was you or someone you know) essentially calls Arpaio crazy and says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and then you show PROOF that he does know what he’s talking about!

            I mean really? That’s like insisting that people are crazy if they believe the sky is blue, and then posting pictures of the blue sky to prove that the sky isn’t blue!

            I agree that it’s past time for you to give up and leave, because you’re making yourself look more idiotic every time you respond.

          • This is credible proof of what exactly? Your ability to link spam and drive traffic? You must write at that blog and need rtraffic…

            Look we are always willing to make friends with other administrators and I have no problems linking to other networks.

            You don’t have to make your self look silly to get attention.

            People of actual intelligence read this blog not the “vunerables” you are looking for.

            We belive a great conversation can be had in the spirit of disagreement, but being obtuse won’t help anyone learn anything. Except how to ignore trolls and people acting as such.