standard Obama Sinks to a New Low With His ‘Obama Event Registry’

Obama Requests that You Give Up Your Gifts


Just when you thought you’d seen and heard it all so far as President Obama goes, he surprises you yet again.

This time, he’s sunk to a new low even for him.  A blog post on the Barack Obama website is asking people to forgo gifts for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions, and instead donate the money to his campaign.


Barack Obama event registry


That’s right, because the government hasn’t taken enough from you yet!

It’s bad enough that you may be unemployed, struggling to keep a roof over your head or food on the table, and barely able to put gas in your car. Now, he wants you to give up your gifts too!

If you do this, you’re an idiot. That should be obvious, but just in case.

God bless America!


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Obama Wants You to Send Him Your Gift Money

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  • LOL, this is insanity, wtf are they trippin on in the White House?