standard Obama With Common Sense?, Signs STOCK Act

Well, well, well, what do you know? I open my trading account to check my trades (I’m a currency trader) and I get a message saying that Obama has signed (is signing) the STOCK act. STOCK is an acronym for Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge.

You know, sometimes I wonder if the Government has a psychic squirrel cracking nuts  down in the White House basement which is only disturbed in the event that the Government, or one of her prison bitch agencies, needs a shiny new acronym to go with a new concept of law, or …more government.

Obama Signs STOCK Act

Finally, ObamaSauce does something commendable. The STOCK Act actually makes a lot of sense to my surprise. Its simply amazing. The man is actually capable of doing things that make sense. Makes you wonder who we have in the White House, and who we are being shown from time to time, and if there is a difference

That’s all I got, nothing to see here people, move along!

Now if only that nut tasting squirrel would come up with the SLAP Act.

Stop Lying As President.

Score one for Obama Sauce on this one, unless there are some shady little details within the bill, that allows them to continue to insider trade, that we have not found out about yet.

As of the close of this post I am running across lots of articles and videos crying that the STOCK almost does nothing.

Of interest indeed.

By VizFact

Obama With Common Sense?, Signs STOCK Act

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