standard Barack Obama; The Great Divider

Barack “Osama Llama” Obama

The Great Divider

Obama Care

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You would think that Mr. So Called Constitutional College Professor would know better that to try to force people to buy a product simply because they are alive. I mean what kind of shit is this, modern slavery or what? You telling me that since I am alive, I have to buy insurance from Obi’s friends? You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

Personally, I wouldn’t have given a damn if it was the law anyway because I had no intention of buying ObamaCare period, end of story.

Damn the consequences.

If you are a man or a woman, you have to stand for some things, and freedom of choice should be one of them. Aside from that, I simply wouldn’t have been able to afford it [The Communist Obamian Guhment Insurance Policy].

Estimates show the monthly insurance premiums for anyone dumb enough to give up their freedom of choice are anywhere from 250.00 – 500.00 per month. Sorry, no can do, and *%^&(! Mr. President, just for trying.


Attacking The “Rich”

I wrote, recently, about there not being anything wrong with being rich. Um, Mr President, you are rich, right? Why rain on the parade of people who have [actually] worked their asses off to make themselves successful? Isn’t the beauty of America the fact that anyone be successful and make it to the top?


Why punish success Mr. First Black President?

You may be a black man, but I never considered giving you the honor of being titled an “ignant nigga” but since you have worked so hard and tirelessly, you earned it, without honors. Put it next to the Nobel Peace Prize they gifted you with, cause you didn’t earn it as far as North Africa & The Bush Wars that you are manage, are concerned.


Calling Americans “Workers”

Can someone please explain to me when the memo was sent redefining me and other Americans as Workers [peasants is a better term to get what they mean] rather than taxpayers, or citizens? I personally feel this label is a bit disrespectful as I am much more than a worker.


If I am a “worker” then who do I work for?

In my opinion I work for myself, or at least for the benefit of myself. And since I do work for a living, I don’t need (or want) the government doing anything for me nor do I need any of their support.

“Workers”, as a term being used in politics, begs the question – who are they referring to, why, what the hell do they mean, and the change in language?


Michelle Obama, The Nemesis of Fat Asses Nationally

I have no earthly idea why the First Lady, Michelle Obama, saw the need to attack fat people, and more importantly, fat kids. I see nothing wrong with being a little bit overweight.

If a person is seriously overweight, that’s none of the business of the disgusting bureaucrats in Washington and its certainly not the business of the First Lady, who’s job is simply to screw the President, not turn her law degree into nutritionist credentials.

In fact, Michelle Obama is a lawyer by trade, not a nutritionist; So why should anyone give a flying shit about what she has to say about health and wellness?

Sorry babe, it doesn’t work that way. Do what Bush’s bitch did, focus on marketing the lost art of reading to kids.


Granting a Defacto Amnesty to Immigration Law Breakers

What is this siding with law breakers about? Votes, plain and simple.

Problem is, illegals can’t vote, unless something shady is afoot. Again, Obama is a highly divisive president. Over 70% of Americans are against amnesty without our borders being secured and what does the Divider in Chief do? Mr. Constitutional Lawyer circumvents the law, contradicts himself, and orders a halt to all deportations, well that isn’t entirely accurate but, its close enough.

I actually like the idea that only the violent criminal illegal aliens should be deported but, the law is the law. They all broke our laws coming here illegally. Let me break a law, see what happens to me. I better not miss court for a traffic ticket, or its jail buddy!

You enter our country illegally, we deport your sorry ass, end of story. We are far more tolerant of illegal immigration than Mexico. Move to The United States of Mexico illegally and see what happens to you.


Corruption, ObamaCare Waivers

The Washington Post said it best.

 If some Americans deserve exemption from a bad law, then all Americans do

Its hard to disagree.


Threatening To Declare a No-Fly Zone Over Texas

Oh this pissed me off so much I had to make a video.

This video is about Rick Perry, but it gives you what you need to get my point, and to check out my claim.


The Darth Vader Bus

A big black bus. I like it! Awesome shit Mr President, totally awesome. Our white Americans, the percentage of which that didn’t want to vote for you but did, may not like this.


Obama Campaign Bus

The Darth Vader Bus Kicks Ass!

But I, on the other hand, love it!


He’s a Democrat, and my friends, they are Republicans.

Special Note: Republicans are Democrats too.

Democrats were slave owners, the Confederate States were predominately Democrat. You have to credit the Republican brand under Lincoln for blacks being freed from slavery and having full voting rights.

Problem is, Republicans became democrats and the Democrats reached out to the black community.

(I think we need about 3 more national political parties just to shake things up.)


Obama and his Communist Democrats Constantly try to create Class Warfare as an American Civil Concept

When in Gods name did making more than 250,000.00 per year make you rich? I have had my hands on that kind of money before and let me tell you from first hand knowledge, it simply reinforces the idea of you being broke and motivates you to work harder.

Sure you can party more, buy nice things, buy a nice car, and maybe a million dollar home. But after that, the 3000.00+ monthly mortgage and the 700.00$ car payment drains the life out of you. Not to mention fine luxuries like food, gas, lights, water, internet connectivity, child care, medicine, and loans. Yeah, if you make that much dough, you likely went to school for a masters degree, 100’s of thousands in student loans, get the idea?

Making 20,000.00 a month is a lot of money don’t get me wrong, but it ain’t rich. It’s very well to do, but far from rich. I don’t think its fair to have the successful people in our society sponsor the whole of our nations have-nots. At some point, people have to sleep in the bed they and the government make for them, me included.

Making all these successful people poorer isn’t going to help me and mine out one bit Mr. President Hand-Out.

Obama is Nothing more than a Boot Licker of The Shadow Government that Presidents John F Kennedy & Woodrow Wilson Warned us About




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Barack “Osama Llama” Obama: Great Divider & Boot Licker


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  • Man you exposing a lot on this one dude.. I agree with you about Michelle… It looks good on paper but like Malcolm X said to the muslim guy in prison “Whats her angle?”

    Is it to help the American kids or to polish the image of their perfect family?

    and yo that image is NICE….