standard Slanging Syrup by The Squeeze, Child Hustlers

Ma’Bama’s School Lunch Menu is Starving Students

Underground school mafias are operating black market food rings.

Funny was the first word to come to thought when I ran across an article at a heavily right leaning political assault blog called Town Hall.

Talk about bringing weapons to school, kill me or let me die, but don’t feed me this crap.


The funny parts of the article are;

  • High School athletes in the state of Wisconsin are whining about not getting enough to eat and being hungry.


  • Students across the United States are having the same complaints.


  • Some say the motive is to starve students 3rd world style to force them, with the power of the state, to slim down. So much for that old silly idea of freedom.


  • A middle school student said she drinks a gallon of milk for lunch. (Source)


  • Michelle Obama’s policies have raised the price of lunch, while lowering the amount of edible food, and the quality of it.


  • While most children are trashing their veggies, others are becoming hustlers. In New Bedford, Massachusetts, students have a black market for chocolate and other goodies. The kiddie capitalists are smuggling in bottles of syrup and slanging it by the squeeze, according to


  • Salads are tough sells in elementary cafeterias. Smaller children are starving.


  • The government has begun to blame the children.


A related video of a radio broadcast covering related news.

The article that inspired this blog post is here.

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Ma’Bama’s School Lunch Menu is Starving Students

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