standard Obama Licks Mexican President’s Boots

Obama bows to Felipe Calderon

Digging out a new low

Hot on the heals of the fanfare after bowing to the Chinese Communist dear leader, Obama goes against all odds, licks Mexican President Felipe Calderon boots. We even got a picture of this travesty.


This latest demonstration of respect for the American citizenry took place prior to the opening of the G20 slave master party in Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico on June 18, 2012 where the so called leaders worked real hard to make it look like European debt crisis actually matters to anyone but them.

I guess all this bowing by our “Dear Leader” signals the acceleration of the bitchification of America from the top on down.

When will this boot licking stop!

This Obamian bowing nonsense has begun to shake me to the core. This sustained self punkificational madness must come to an end at some point and if Socialist Obama is re-elected I think we are in for some hard times (and not the fun type) because the (so called) leader is weak.

The time for a new American president has obviously dawned. I’d be a boldface lie if I said I think Obamney, excuse me, Romney – would be any better a president, but I do believe in being a fierce anti incumbent voter. In fact, as of right now I have no plans to even leave the house on election day, but if this bowing non-sense continues I may have to go fart for Romney.

I think he would look better bowing.

To think that the first black president could even have the genetics to allow him to be such a cowardly woos-cake bothers me.

This is disgusting.

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Obama Licks Mexican President’s Boots

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