standard NY Man Victim of Savage Police Brutality by PA State Troopers (VIDEO)

Police Brutality the Rivals That of Rodney King


Robert Leone - victim of police brutality

Robert Leone

Below is a documentary regarding yet another incident of police brutality. Although the incident happened in 2010, it is still something that people should see. This is how the police are ‘protecting’ us.

In March 2010, Robert Leone, an unarmed and non-combative man from New York, was tasered and savagely beaten by Pennsylvania State Troopers. The beating was caught on tape.

Where are these ‘peace officers’ now?  Still protecting and serving.

These are our tax dollars at work.

Yes, Michael Bloomberg, I do agree with you….police across the country should go on strike….permanently!


*** WARNING:  This video contains graphic language & violence.  Viewer discretion is advised. ***


Documentary: Police Brutality Worse Than Rodney King:

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Robert Leone: Victim of Police Brutality

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  • Anonymous1337legion

    These state troopers are pathetic. enough said. no need to raint about anything. You clowns are a joke and little children who got sexually abused as infants. and its easy to see. You were abused sexually as children so you beat up restrained persons…Most likely is what happend to then as children so they pass it on.