standard Now What The Hell Do I Use For!

Since I broke the site up into subs, VizFact.dom (.com I mean) needs a purpose of more than being a nucleus to sub sites, it needs a destiny. When I was driving home from the office today I had an epiphany (yes I thought about this earlier),

I do need a regular blog, somewhere to share my not-so inner most thoughts, and if I do decide share my not-so innermost thoughts with you people; this will be the best damn blog in the universe. Texas is the universe.

Further more, I do need to say that if you are reading this post you are smarter than any of the people around you because you reading this blog. Reading is fundamental. Why do people always say that, because, that’s all college students do, is read shit.

Remember, just because someone has a degree, only means that they have years of reading on you (in a particular topic), nothing more.

Two gentlemen I know; One of them has a PHD in psychology, the other has a PHD in marijuana, now you tell me who has more knowledge in their respective area of study?

And does it even matter?

What the hell am I talking about anyway?

I’m leaving. Bye. And by the way, Harry Potter is a filthy lover of getting his dirt stabbed.

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