standard No Napolitano, No Freedom Watch, No Reason To FOX

No Judge Napolitano, No Freedom Watch, No Reason To FOX

Just think, I was naive enough to think that the FOX Business News picking up of Lou Dobbs [after CNN silenced him] gave FOX News (Fox Business News) at least “some” credibility in the free speech concept; is enough to make me puke at the thought of my own stupidity.

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I got home from work today and crashed out (zzzzz, zzzz, zzzz), thinking to myself, “Damn, I might miss Freedom Watch today if I sleep too long”, only to wake up about an hour ago (30 minutes after midnight) to log on to Facebook and see updates from my friends and loved ones (my Fakebook friends are my loved ones) indicating that Andrew Napolitano’s  Freedom Watch show had been silenced.

Freedom Watch was all we had left!

I am left wondering, “Isn’t his show the last vestige of political truth that mainstream news had to offer?”, and to my knowledge, it seems like it is.

Other than the random untamed outbursts of poorly managed honesty that manages to escape the clutches of CNBC from time to time, and the hijacking of selected truths by CNN to further the Democrats’ Party’s agenda by way of programming propaganda into idiots as truths, we have nothing left.

We have nothing left other than football, and devastatingly propagandized reeducation entertainment from the History and Science Channels (and related channel types) as justification for even owning a TV.

Oh but that isn’t the best part.

The American People own the Airwaves (In America the airwaves are public property) and the federal government has given the licenses [that allow the broadcast of programming] to big media for the low, low cost of free. In exchange for the fine fine gift of low cost data dominance, mainstream media goes out of its way to thank us.

To thank us, they kindly use the airwaves to destroy the fabric of America via a soft kill assassination of morality.

Even Lord Obama has threatened the freedom of religion (this bastard wants the church to pay for abortion, wtf?) but you may not know about that, and if you do, consider yourself lucky.

If you have blood going through your veins you should be pissed off. Not because Freedom Watch was cancelled but because you own the airwaves, and have no control over something you (we) own. And, its being used against you, and you don’t have access to it.

Long live the webs!

Mainstream news is officially dead.

FOX & CNN programming are no longer allowed in my residence unless I’m working on a blog post to trash them, or viewing for purposes of watching the enemy propaganda machine.

Word to the wise, if you support Ron Paul your show will be cancelled!

The Boycott is on!

By: VizFact The Dude

No Judge Napolitano, No Freedom Watch, No Reason To FOX

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  • Melissa S

    They can’t allow anything that promotes truth or freedom. It isn’t in line with their values. That being said, there are enough people upset about this that they will feel the repercussions.