standard Nikola Tesla & Egyptian Pyramid Secrets

This video challenges the concept of evolution head on, in such a way that it almost says that those who hold the concept of evolution holy, have it backwards.

Considering that the Holy Bible speaks of a greater form of humanoid in the past is what made this video catch my attention. That, and the fact that Nikola Tesla’s name was slapped on it aaannnnd its related to a pyramid documentary that we just published on VizTV.

Nikola Tesla & Egyptian Pyramid Secrets Video

The claims of this video makes can be a bit rash. I don’t generally agree with everything that the narrator is blabbing, but it is interesting.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that electricity was used to light the pyramids. The pyramid could have been lit using reflective light.

Don’t believe all the crap you see on internet videos.

You’ve got to see Ancient Aliens Debunked before you even begin to think that those pictures /carvings on the walls of The Great Pyramids, that look like light bulbs, have anything to do with electricity.

You would think that with super-dooper advanced electronic technology that they would have invented paper, had an alphabet and stopped writing on the damn walls, and using pictures for words.

Nikola Tesla & Egyptian Pyramid Secrets

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