standard Morgan Freeman Flaunts His Ignorance….Again

Morgan Freeman Says We Did a Good Thing Electing Obama


Morgan FreemanAs someone who was a huge Morgan Freeman fan, it stunned me when he said in a CNN interview earlier this year that the GOP/Tea Party is racist because they were determined to make Barack Obama a one-term president.

He stated that Obama was an “honorable man” and that “he’s a man of deep honor.”  If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here.

Any shred of respect I had for Freeman flew out the window after watching that interview.

He’s clearly one of the people who votes based upon race, and chooses to stick his head in the sand when it comes to the current state of affairs in our country.

That makes HIM racist, not the people who are fighting to keep Obama from being re-elected.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because, once again, Morgan Freeman has shown himself to be downright ignorant and uninformed in an interview on PBS’s Tavis Smiley show.

Well, I guess you can’t really call it uninformed if a person is intentionally ignoring the signs all around them.

Stupid is a more appropriate word.


Morgan Freeman’s Interview on the Tavis Smiley Show:


Has Morgan Freeman been living under a rock??

Again he has shown himself to be ignorant, stupid, and racist…..because yes, a person is racist if they vote for someone based upon their skin color, the same way they would be racist if they didn’t vote for someone because of their skin color.

Great job, Morgan!  You can pat yourself on the back for showing your ass yet again.

And don’t be surprised when your popularity goes down the toilet. That’s what happens when you repeatedly show your lack of intelligence and insult people (including fans) who have MANY excellent reasons for wanting Obama out of office.

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Morgan Freeman Says Obama Needs to be Re-Elected

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