standard Michigan Government to Mass Slaughter Pigs Over Hair Color

Pigs Declared “Feral” Because of Hair Color


Just when you think the government can’t get any crazier, it complete outdoes itself!


This time, the Michigan state government is intending to go on a pig murdering spree, by showing up on people’s farms with rifles and murdering their livestock.

According to Natural News, beginning April 1st, the Michigan government will begin killing pigs with a certain hair color and arresting the farmers that own them if they interfere.

Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has issued an “Invasive Species Order” that makes it a felony to own pigs that possess certain traits.

These animals have insanely been labeled as “feral pigs”, and the government intends to show up at family farms with rifles and kill them.

What’s even worse is that the owners can face up to 4 years in prison if they attempt to stop the mass slaughter.



Traits that Determine if Pigs are “Feral”


According to the Declaratory Ruling, the following 9 traits will be used to determine if a pig is “feral”:

  • Bristle-tip coloration: Sus scrofa exhibit bristle tips that are lighter in color (e.g., white, cream, or buff) than the rest of the hair shaft. This expression is most frequently observed across the dorsal portion and sides of the snout/face, and on the back and sides of the animal’s body.
  • Dark “point” coloration: Sus scrofa exhibit “points” (i.e., distal portions of the snout, ears, legs, and tail) that are dark brown to black in coloration, and lack light-colored tips on the bristles.
  • Coat coloration: Sus scrofa exhibit a number of coat coloration patterns. Patterns most frequently observed among wild/feral/hybrid types are: wild/grizzled; solid black; solid red/brown; black and white spotted; black and red/brown spotted.
  • Underfur: Sus scrofa exhibit the presence of underfur that is lighter in color (e.g., smoke gray to brown) than the overlying dark brown to black bristles/guard hairs.
  • Juvenile coat pattern: Juvenile Sus scrofa exhibit striped coat patterns. This consists of a light grayish-tan to brown base coat, with a dark brown to black spinal stripe and three to four brown irregular longitudinal stripes with dark margins along the length of the body.
  • Skeletal appearance: Sus scrofa skeletal structure is distinct. Structures include skull morphology, dorsal profile, and external body measurements including tail length, headbody length, hind foot length, ear length, snout length, and shoulder height.
  • Tail structure: Sus scrofa exhibit straight tails. They contain the muscular structure to curl their tails if needed, but the tails are typically held straight. Hybrids of Sus scrofa exhibit either curly or straight tail structure.
  • Ear structure: Sus scrofa exhibit erect ear structure. Hybrids of Sus scrofa exhibit either erect or folded/floppy ear structure.
  • Other characteristics not currently known to the MDNR that are identified by the scientific community.

A pig needs to possess only ONE of these traits to be targeted, therefore it will apply to nearly all pigs.

This is tyranny at its most absurd, and a brazen attempt for the government to push their dangerous GMO agenda.

For more details and information on what you can do to stop this, please visit Natural News.


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MI Govt to Raid Farms & Mass Murder Pigs

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  • This had better result in lowered bacon pricing.