standard Miami Heat Lead 2-0.. Are We On The Road To The Finals?

In case you don’t know, I’m a huge Miami Heat fan and right now, I’m excited because the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics the other day and I’m hoping for a win tonight in Boston.

Before I praise the Heat, I must give hats off to Rajon Rondo for effort and playing one of the most amazing games in history.

Rondo played the entire game (53 plus minutes), scored 44 points, had 10 assists and 8 rounds.

Heat fans; you’re lying if you say Rondo didn’t have you scared a bit when he hit those 3 shots from long distance. I got quiet for a few seconds.

Rondo is NOT a shooter and everyone knows this…

I must say though, it sucks that you play 53 minutes and still LOSE but it’s a part of the game.

I don’t know how you feel but this shows a weakness in the Celtics. They had Rondo play 55 minutes, Garnett played 50 and Pierce, who fouled out in the 4th (hats off to him for the GREAT foul on LeBron), played around 45.

They can’t keep doing this. Yea they are professional athletes but they’re going to be exhausted for game 3. Rondo I think will be fine but Garnett & Pierce are dinosaurs in NBA years so will they be ready for game 3 in Boston? We’ll see…

Now to my Miami Heat! Yea!

Wade & LeBron once again played a great game but they wouldn’t be anything without their amazing supporting cast. Haslem, Battier, Chalmers & Miller put in work and with Bosh being out with an injury, we need them to step up tremendously.

We could have ended game 2 at regulation if…

Think about this…

If I’m 6’8″ 250+ LBS and I’m being guarded by a 6’1″ point guard, I’m muscling him in the hole and drawing the foul as the final shot.

I like LeBron but he’s doesn’t make the best decisions in clutch situations but hey; we got the win. Plus he missed some late free throws so maybe that played a role in his decision making.

Now we need to go in Boston tonight and get this WIN because we all know…

NO TEAM HAS EVER COME BACK DOWN 3-0 and it’s not about to happen to the Miami Heat this year.

I’m feeling good about this series…

Here are some highlights from Miami Heat Vs. Boston Celtics game 2 in Miami

I’m off to watch The Dictator. Time to LMAO for the day…


Is it going to be Miami Heat vs Parker & the Spurs or Durant & the OKC Thunder?

What’s your call?

Comment and share what you want to say… I love to hear what the FANS and the HATERS have to say.


Miami Heat are 2012 Easter Conference Champions and headed to the NBA Finals to play OKC Thunder

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  • you got me ready to watch the looking at your level of excitement… blah!!! The Houston Sprockets are worthless and I can’t see myself watching another mofo’s team!