standard Mayor Bloomberg Finally Has a Great Idea!

Bloomberg Says Police Should Go On Strike


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who feels that he has a right to control what everyone does, has finally had his first great idea…..probably ever.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Bloomberg believes that the Batman theater shooting in Aurora, CO, is justification for the government to implement tighter gun control measures.

He’s taken it so far as to tell CNN that police officers across the country should go on strike until the American people agree to surrender their guns.


Bloomberg Encourages Police to Strike:


Such a suggestion may not get the response he was hoping for.

Where is most of the violence coming from as of late?  It seems that the majority of it is coming from law enforcement officers who are supposed to be protecting us.

Being that police brutality and infringement on our rights is on the rise at an alarming pace, what would make him believe that the citizens of this country would object to the police going on strike?

Perhaps they should go on permanent strike.

Thank you very much, but most of us would prefer to keep our 2nd Amendment rights (and all the rest, for that matter).

We don’t need corrupt cops ‘protecting’ us. We could do that just fine on our own if there weren’t absurd gun control laws (you know, the ones that hurt law-abiding citizens instead of helping them) standing in our way.

Take the TSA perverts and politicians with you while you’re at it.

By far, this is the best suggestion that’s ever come out of Michael Bloomberg’s mouth!

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Bloomberg Says Police Should Go On Strike

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