standard March on the White House & a Warning to Obama (Video)

March on the White House

I’m not sure how many of you were able to watch yesterday’s March on the White House in support of Ron Paul.

It was really an amazing sight to see. There still are no firm numbers as to how many active duty military and vets participated in the formation, but estimates as of now are about 400-500.


Adam Kokesh’s Warning to Obama

Prior to the March, Adam Kokesh read a letter in which he issued a warning to President Obama. If you haven’t read or heard it, it’s well worth a quick watch!




A Moving Display at the White House

After several speeches, the military personnel & vets lined up in formation to begin their march.

Salute at the March on the White House

8-Minute Salute at the March on the White House

They marched from the Washington Monument to the White House, then in a very moving display, they turned their back to the White House, folded a flag as they would for a military funeral, and then held a salute for 8 minutes.

Each second of those 8 minutes represented the life of a veteran who’s committed suicide since Barack Obama took office.

The vets and military members then held a 21-minute silent prayer. Each second represented a fallen soldier since Obama took office.

I’m unsure who owns the rights to this photo, but if anyone knows, please leave a comment so I can give them appropriate credit.



Video of the White House March

Of course the mainstream media did not cover the event, but fortunately there were many who were filming with their cell phones.

If you were unable to watch a live stream of the March, here is a good video of the highlights.



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Veteran’s March on the White House

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