standard Man on Bath Salts Threatens To “Go Cannibal” on Cops

Man High on Synthetic Drugs (Bath Salts), Threatens To Go Cannibal on Cops

These “American Cannibal High on Bath Salts” stories just keep popping up! Although we generally don’t post all the “man eats mans face” type of stories, but this starting to become a wider trend. First it was mainly happening in Florida, now we’re getting word of cases all over the country. If all these stories are true, then the need for a bath salts treatment facility in the said cities is becoming more urgent.

A number of police officers claim to have put forth a significant effort to detain Karl Laventure, who was high on “bath salts” (fake synthetic legal cocaine not being discussed in the media or by either presidential candidate).

This most recent case of zombie like cannibalism resulting from abusing bath salts did not end up with a mans face being eaten off, but with police saying yet another man had unbelievable super human strength.

Facts of the story are as follows,

  • The incident took place on a golf course (near Atlanta) in Lilburn, Georgia.
  • This suspect (Karl Laventure, only 21) had a golf club for a weapon, rather than his teeth.
  • He ended up on the golf coarse after coming out of the forest butt naked.
  • Pepper spray didn’t phase this man, he didn’t even wipe his eyes after being sprayed.
  • After being tased over 5 times, it still took multiple corn-fed officers to hold this man down as he was threatening to eat their faces.
  • Again, high on bath salts (synthetic legal cocaine).

A video clip of the June 14 arrest shows Laventure lying face down on the ground, shirtless, mumbling seemingly disconnected thoughts and threatening to eat the faces of the officers.

So… Do you think we will hit epidemic “Zombie Apocalypse” levels? Comment Below

‘He came running at us out of the woodline,’ officer Ross Hancock told local station WSBTV.”

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Man High on Synthetic Drugs (Bath Salts), Threatens Eat Policeface

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