standard The Ism: Make Mine Freedom (Buy Snake Oil)

The Snake Oil Salesman

You just gotta love this cartoon. It gets good. Make Mine Freedom explains a lot about economic conditions and serves as great unheeded warning about communist Occupy Wall Street type economic policy being underhandedly carried out by the United States Government.

Let me not over step my bounds by over exaggerating but is it an exaggeration? After you learn about the Federal Reserve my claim may be far from an exaggeration.

Be sure and check out the video below and feel free to leave a comment!

Buy Snake Oil

Make Mine Freedom (Buy Snake Oil)

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  • TF

    Man I love the way you take those “Teach the Public” cartoons, and use them as an example as how they failed.  Wonder if they will ever succeed ?

    •  Well, one form of success is me using them to add depth to the message. Another form of success is that they are still around. We still have free speech and a republic form of government. I think we’re doing ok. That says nothing about the corruption in Washington though.