standard Magician Decapitates Wife During Chainsaw Trick. Real Or Fake?

Magicians cutting their assistants in half is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book but this doesn’t guarantee that it’s the easiest.

It started with regular saws then bigger saws and now we’ve come to chain saws.

As I said, this is not the easiest trick and sadly, this amateur magician found out the hard way… or did he?

Apparently this guy didn’t know his assistant (who was his wife) wasn’t able to get herself into position to perform the trick.

She tried to warn him but he was to blinded by the lights; and by lights, I mean fame and stardom. The way she was shaking, he should have seen her and known something was wrong.

After “slicing through her legs” he went to her neck area and…. Well watch the video

WARNING: Some may find this video graphic. It’s more of the thought of what he did. Not really that much gore.

If you pay attention to the end, you’ll see how this trick is performed which is why I don’t believe this is staged. Real magicians never reveal their tricks.

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  • Faust Nostromo

    Poor girl, that ruined my day.

  • w b

    very realistic, but fake. the commercial was made by a slowakian promotionagency.
    google for “kartaplnapenazi mayer/mccann”.

  • Frode Øines Hansen

    This is real and sad.

  • Jennifer Thorpe

    I believe it was a planned murder.

  • diru90

    It’s a Slovakian commercial. It’s not real. Ffs the internet has turned everyone into naive retards.

    • noneofyourbussness

      really? i want to see prove? cause most people are in denial…..