standard Lowes Has The Right to Advertise Wherever They Choose

Lowes pulled its ads from some Muslim TV show and I see no problem with that. Personally I believe that Lowes has the right to advertise where ever in the hell they damn well choose and they should also have the right to change their minds about it if that in fact becomes the case.

It has been reported that some group lobbied Lowes to pull the ads and Lowes did just that. Then the Muslims started bitching about it, as usual, and now this story is in the news.

My question is : When exactly do we grow up and stop giving a damn about what others think of us?

You know, with Lowes pulling the ads it hurts the income of whatever Muslim show we are talking about. I am not sure what the name of the show is and I don’t care because I don’t generally put that much focus into television anymore but I will say this; Its all about the money.

The hell with the Muslim shows designed to sell America Muslims (which isn’t necessary as we are a loving tolerant people without the help of TV anyway) and the hell with Lowes.



Who cares and why is this important!

Lowes is exercising its freedom while the people are losing theirs.

Which is a more important argument?

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Much more important stuff on the table than to be concerned with what which Muslim actors are making off of which corporation.

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