standard Lets Be Runaway Slaves!

The Runaway Slave Movie Will Be One to Behold

Can’t wait to see this movie as it should be the can opener some of America’s closed minded need to enable them to download new ideas and viewpoints. I am actually surprised to the that the Runaway Slave website show that it is in, or has been in theaters indicating that they did secure funding to finish the movie.

Runaway Slave Trailer


I totally 100% agree with almost everything Runaway Slave stands for and I take a keen appreciation for the light Al Sharpton was shown in.

This trailer alone is a perfect example and overview of points I attempted to touch on VizLogs 001 – Class Warfare and Demoncratic Politics.


Favored Thoughts Made Public In The Runaway Slave Trailer

  • Most Americans of African decent are held in bondage by ideas.
  • Americans of African decent who disagree with the promoted black viewpoint are disowned and insulted with names like Uncle Tom.
  • Runaway slave is term that should apply to those who are objective and open minded.
  • The Democratic Party is a plantation.
  • Freedom comes at a great price.

CL Bryant is behind this tragedy for the common brain and we wish him well.


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Runaway Slave

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