standard Leaving Me So Soon??

Gotta Love Tax Refund Time!

I was thrilled this morning to see that my tax refund had finally hit my bank account, even though it was more than a week late.  When you see a decent balance that is NEVER there at any other time, you start dreaming of all the great things you can do with it.

My joy was short-lived.

I’m sure many of you are going through this very same thing…when the realization hits you that you HAVE to put it towards bills.

No buying new gadgets, no vacation, no putting it in a savings account.  Bills. Credit card bills to be exact.

Those evil credit cards!

I could just say screw it, and pay the minimum balance for the next 347 years until it’s finally paid off.

Then I realize I’m an adult….supposedly a responsible one.  One who would someday like to be debt-free with some money in the bank.

So I did the mature thing mere hours after that beautiful tax refund hit my account, and I paid off one of my credit cards. It gave me a strange, conflicted feeling…both like a huge weight lifted off me but also like a dagger to the heart.

Dear tax refund, why did you have to leave me so soon?? It was great knowing you….if only for a brief moment!


Why do we get so excited over our tax refunds?

It’s amazing how excited we get over getting back money that was ours all along. Tax refunds are not a gift. They are money that we should have had in our pockets to begin with.

We won’t delve deeply into the fact that the federal income tax is unconstitutional, or that the government is simply stealing our money in order to pay for more war, or giving it to lazy people who want a handout.

All of that will make me angry on top of the fact that I’m sad and miss my money already, so we will save that for another post.

So, with heavy heart, I kiss my money goodbye yet again.

Instead of being bitter, I’ll choose to be content in this situation, and thank God that I got anything back at all.

And maybe, just maybe, this time I’ll finally learn my lesson and stop using those darn credit cards!

But enough about me. Make me jealous and tell me what fun plans you have for your tax refund this year.

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 What do you plan to do with your tax refund?

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