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Every Woman Wants a Small Waist


Ioana SpangenbergI think, for the most part, it’s true that most of us would like a tiny waist. In fact, I feel cursed that I’ve had a weight problem my entire life.

We all know how that is. We wish we were like that really skinny friend of ours that can eat nothing but junk food and never exercises, but she never gains an ounce.

Well, today I stumbled upon an article about Romanian model named Ioana Spangenberg….and did a double take.

Spangenberg is referred to as the “human hourglass“, because she has an insanely tiny 20” waist that she claims is natural.

She weighs only 84 lbs and insists that she has tried all her life, but is unable to gain weight in her mid-section.

What I find even more incredible is that, for some God awful reason, she’s wearing a corset in this picture, and in the video below.

Why on earth would you wear a corset?? I’d be afraid I was causing damage to my internal organs that barely have any room the way it is.



The World’s Record for the Smallest Waist

Cathie JungBelieve it or not, Ioanna Spangenberg does not even hold the record for having the world’s smallest waist. That record is held by Cathie Jung, whose waist is 15″ with a corset and 19″ without one!

The difference is that she did this to herself intentionally through corset training or tightlacing.

Since 1983, she has worn a corset every hour of everyday. Jung removes it only to shower.

Way to ruin your body lady!  Do you really think that’s sexy??  It’s grotesque!

Being born with an issue is one thing, but intentionally ruining your body is a whole different ballgame.


Do You Still Want That Small Waist??

Anyway, the moral to this story is that after reading about Ioana Spangenberg, my heart goes out to her if this really is her natural figure.

It has made me realize how lucky I am. Sure, being fat is no fun, but at least it’s something I can change.

We love to complain about the little things that plague us that we can fix, but rarely do we stop to think about the problems other people have that they can’t fix.


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Ioana Spangenberg’s All-Natural Tiny 20″ Waist

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