standard Keep Ya Guns; The Sandy Hook Incident Smells Fishy

Don’t go to any concentration camps, and certainly don’t give away your guns. The video below is a perfect viewpoint on how politicians are using the massacre of the children during the Sandy Hook school shootings to further their long held aims at disarming the American Public.

Disarm Yourselves Because of The Sandy Hook Shooting!

Public submission in the name of a crime is dumb.

Dear Fools: Don’t allow the power hungry United States government to disarm you or freedom is lost for good. This incident, to them, represents nothing more than a honey pot for our elected officials to continue burning our rights to adhere to United Nation demands for citizen disarmament while using dead children as a catalyst to destroy our rights to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government, which is what type of government we have now, and why the 2nd Amendment is law.

Keep Your Guns; The Sandy Hook Incident Smells Fishy

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