standard I’ve Been Busy Yet It Don’t Look it

I had no idea what I was thinking when I decided to go into my Outlook email client, and start setting up tasks backed by reminders for all the little shit I need to do before I get to work on this website, and its various external components.

This first thing I did was to organize my desktop. I just had shit everywhere and it wasn’t even organized. So obviously the first thing I needed to do was get my online house in order. I even had the nerve to set a reminder to go work out. It haunts me every 15 minutes and it has to stop.

Then there is the “practice typing” reminder, yeah, that’s always fun, but I figure if I get on top of it, in time, I can get my work done faster instead of half hunt and peck, and half typing.

Oh well, no sense in wasting too much time in this little insignificant post, back to work, got 3 reminders staring at me.


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