standard Its Been a Rough Week, its just Tuesday

Stay Positive


Its not even Wednesday yet, so things have a chance to change in the direction of the better. I can’t wait to get to work on the graphics for this website, further customizing my online real estate. I think visitors and users will respect it more once its sexified.


This Stupid Picture Sucks, But I get what its saying.

I didn’t really have a lot to say in this post I’m just doing a mini update to let peeps know the site isn’t dead, its alive, I’m just a bit tired. But as we all should know, that “being tired” shit is all mental so I needed to shake that shit off and update this puppy.


After all, this is Planet Earth’s foremost blog, so it should go no longer than a week without a new update.


I am working on a fresh new Death and Manhood editorial, it has be good, or it won’t be at all, so I am working on making it good so it can…… be.


If you need something to do, check out my YouTube Channel, it has something for everyone.

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