standard I’m Listening to The Alex Jones Show

Listening to The Alex Jones Show


You just gotta love Alex Jones, he is always on the cutting edge of whats going on in the world, months and years ahead of traditional TV & Cable news.

Alex Jones Show

Be Aware!

And he is a Texan which explains everything, notwithstanding of George Bush. He is a damn good Texan counter measure to the damage Bush has done to our image, if any.

Alex Jones, Ballsy

Another one of the things I like about his show is that he isn’t afraid to tell the truth and with his network of listeners, the man can dominate Google and Yahoo rankings for any search term he asks his users to spam into their search engines.

Alex Jones’ Rants

One of the things that don’t like is how he goes into these stupid little rants, being extremely emotional (as if that’s necessary) that are always a turnoff. I don’t listen to the show as often as I used too, but that’s only because I know whats going on in the world, thus its not as new and excited to me, as it was in 2003 when I first started listening to him

But  I certainly recommend the show, and I am not being paid (ouch) for this blog post so check him out. You can always visit to check his latest stories, I have a feed of his news crew’s updates constantly updating.

Link to Alex Jones’ Infowars



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