standard If Obama Had Never Been Elected

Imagine What Life Would Be Like if Obama Hadn’t Been Elected


Do you ever wonder where we would be if Barack Obama hadn’t been elected?

In some ways, this country would be in a whole lot better shape.  However, we have to also take into consideration who his opponent was in 2008.

I for one, wouldn’t want John McCain as president either, since apparently he doesn’t think we should have any constitutional rights, as evidenced by his role in the NDAA and whatever other insanity he’s been up to lately.

However, if Ron Paul had been elected, we’d be living in a whole different world….one with no NDAA, CISPA, or the looming threat of martial law.

This is food for thought as the election approaches.

Remember, Mitt Romney is Obama, and Ron Paul is still very much in the race!


If Obama Had Never Been President:



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If Obama Had Never Been President

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