standard I Lost Lydia in Skyrim and Tips To Get Her Back (PS3)

I have not given my PS3 nowhere near the love it deserves as I have been busy with life in general for far too long, with no time for entertainment or fun. So low and behold I go to Blockbuster (14$ per month for unlimited rentals) due to the fact that my Playstation 3 has been gathering dust for years and not getting the playtime it should, considering I spent like 600$ for it when it hit the market.

After playing the Call of Duty remake and playing Battlefield 3 for 15 minutes before returning the game because it was nothing new, I looked to the RGP genre as it is a long favorite of mine.

Elder Scrolls V was on the shelf. I thought to myself, I didn’t like Oblivion because, well, I have no reason, so I picked it up.
I kicked some ass for the Great King (Jaru or something they call the kings) of Dragonsreach and granted me a sexy helper chic named Lydia that kicks ass and follows orders (the perfect woman). I was like this is awesome!

So rolling through the quests I come upon a quest involving a party that I am supposed to sneak into so I had to leave Lydia behind. I jumped on the carriage, after leaving Lydia with some prized possessions of mine, I waved.

After I finished the quest that skank is nowhere to be found leaving me with the obvious question, “where is Lydia?”.

So after cruise the internet super highway I found a lot of different tips with give me no obvious direction to go so I have to consider her a loss however, I will continue to search for her.


A Few Tips to Get Lydia Back


If you have lost Lydia then I a few tips for finding her are as follows…

  • To find out if she is dead go to the crypt at Whiterun/Dragonsreach
  • If she is alive – She may be in dining hall in DragonsreachSkyrim
  • She may also be at your house if you own one.
  • She could also be where you left her (in my case I have no idea)
  • If you tell her to part ways she will go back to Dragonsreach.
  • Also try to wait 3 or 4 days (gametime) some have gotten her back that way.
  • Update – Get Married, she will come to your wedding.

I have not gotten my Lydia back, but I have not checked the dungeons/crypts (they may be called catacombs) at Dragonsreach.

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  • A7xs1

    get married if youve lost her she comes to your wedding

    • VizFact

      Thanks for the tip! I will give it a shot next time I pick the game up. Thanks for stopping by! I wonder if I could marry Lydia? lol!

      • Kittie Boo

        yep, I did! ;)

        • VizFact

          Seriously? You married Lydia?

          Finest Regards

  • Cyclops

    I lost her after gettng married to Ysolda. No body in the catacombs, no body at the spot where I accidentally fus-ro-dah’ed her, she’s not in Breezhome nor Dragonsreach. Bitch bailed on me and she STILL owns the bed in my house.

    • VizFact

      Same here dude, … same here..