standard Has NATO Created a Zombie Virus?

Is a ‘Zombie Virus’ Responsible for Recent Cannibalistic Attacks?


In light of recent ‘Zombie’ attacks, such as the one involving the Miami man who had his face eaten off, one must wonder what is causing such incredibly crazy behavior.

Although the following video is several years old, the content is very relevant to recent events. It makes you question if NATO or some government organization could possibly be using biological methods to induce erratic behavior in the general population.

In this InfoWars clip, Dr. Rebecca Carley briefly discusses vaccines and how the powers-that-be can use them to affect people’s’ behavior.

Many of us are well aware of the potential health dangers, such as autism, of the vaccinations that are being pushed upon us by the medical community.

Is it really that far-fetched that they could be used to cause physiological changes in the brain in order to incite incidences such as ‘zombie attacks.”


Is the Zombie Virus Real?

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Did NATO Create a Zombie Virus to Alter Behavior?

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