standard Guillotines in the 20th Century?

Yes you read it right, guillotines.

The man in the video below seems to believe what he is saying but he didn’t give any sources on the matter of guillotines (no sources in the YouTube descriptions either) and a quick search of Google news revealed nothing. This does not assume that Google is trustworthy so take “no results found” in Google news with a grain of salt.


On the matter of the FEMA coffins, he was referring to, there is plenty of supporting evidence to be found so the man isn’t as wacky as he portrays himself. If you aren’t aware of the FEMA camps or coffins then you might want to pack up and move out from under that rock you have been inhabiting because you are out of touch.

Back on the video, I hated his delivery, it sucked. Sounds like some snake oil salesman to me with his “preaching” style. I prefer a teaching style of evangelism if any. All in all, decent video, honest message. Preachers should never report news in the form of a sermon. But, reporting news in a sermon is something we don’t have enough of.

If that wasn’t disturbing enough

We have another video with nothing verifiable as far as source data is concerned, but is equally as entertaining nonetheless. It’s short, give it a peep.


Update: I found some source data no time to read through it though so I reserve the right to update this blog post.

Guillotines being stored at Fort Lewis

Why Are Modern Guillotines on Military Bases in America?

Simply Jews: Yes – the guillotines are there!


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