standard (Private Video) Google Fiber in Kansas City

Google Fiber Will Take Over The Internet

Well check out Google. Making major moves to literally own the web.

  • The power of the internet is governed by 3 fundamental forces, Storage, Speed and Access.
  • There is no need for speed problems or data transfer rates.
  • People are still paying the same price as 15 years ago for a service that has become cheaper due to Moore’s Law.
  • Google Fiber starts with internet speeds of 1 gig per second.
  • Download and upload speeds are the same.
  • America’s internet is pathetically slow versus the rest of the world, and Americans pay more.

Other Points Covered in Google Fiber Presentation

  • Broadband was frowned upon at first by the Major Telecoms.
  • Google Fiber makes broadband look like dial up.
  • Upload and download massive HD video files in seconds.
  • Google Fiber TV will come with Bluetooth remote.
  • EVERYTHING will be int he highest quality HD.
  • Find your favorite TV show with voice search.
  • Stereo Bluetooth Headphones.
  • Google has installed lines in Kansas City.
  • The price is 300.00 for a Google Fiber connection, and they claim it adds value to your home to the tune of up to 5000.00.
  • Gigabit+TV offers a terrabyte of cloud storage., you will get hundreds of fiber channels, and premium movie channels.
  • The remote control is the Nexus 7 Tablet. The price is 120.00 per month for Gigabit+TV.
  • Gigabit internet is 70.00 per month stand alone.
  • Google will be offering free broadband for 7 years to everyone else. For a small fee if they commit to upgrading to a gig later.
  • Google will only build in areas that are interested.
  • There will be fiberhoods.
  • Gigabit speeds are only the beginning.


I have to admit, I want it. Also, its good to see someone in this country taking a leadership role to keep America on the effing map.

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Google Fiber in Kansas City

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