standard Google Chrome Being Promoted on Spam Blogs

Google Chrome being promoted Via Black Hat Techniques

I took myself a visit to Drudge and found a rather interesting story about Google Chrome and how Google is violating its own policies by listing spam blogs which feature paid links promoting Google Chrome. Paid links the likes of which would cause Google to viciously ban yours, or my blog, for allowing such paid links to exist without a “no follow” tag.

Google Paying Dirty Bloggers to Push Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Looks like an eye (a cats eye) staring right at you doesn't it, and thats exactly what it is.

The catching part is this; these blogs were paid by Google (or a Google operative) to promote the notoriously evil Google Chrome web browser, which many users don’t know, comes with the worlds most secure keylogger which reports your keystrokes directly back to Google.

What even more interesting, I decided to troll one of the blogs, listed here, I left a trolling comment saying “nice spam blog” and the entire post was removed not less than 3 minutes later.


The main blog is still up here. Its some kind of work from home mommy BS, obviously a front for the Google empire’s online war machine.

Oh don’t worry, I added “no follow” tags to both links to that blog so it won’t give them a shred of this websites’ authority (muwahahahaha).

Google Chrome Not Welcomed in MY House

Google has already banned me from being able to +1 (yes, it sounds stupid) things I find on the web and they banned my Google Adsense account (who cares) for what, I don’t know. Yet, its ok for me to still use Google Analytics, which tracks users, and to have my Blogger/Blogspot account, which tells my thoughts, one of which, is my intent on using blogger for spamming paid links. (Paid links are links that companies pay you to put on your website.)

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Google Allows Spamming of Google Chrome

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