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I found out about Lenon Honor a few months ago when I stumbled upon a series of videos discussing the degradation of black men in Hip Hop, mainstream media, and society a few months ago and I became a fan. (For some reason I am unable to find the series in his YouTube Channel so maybe I saw the series someone else did and stumbled upon him residually by watching a series made by someone else.)

Mr. Honor and his wife, Ayida, work together to bring us a fruitful alternative view of life in general. My God, they even get into food.

He viciously attacked burgers in the video named Mind Control and The BP Oil Spill so I clearly don’t agree with him on everything but nevertheless, I agree with his way of viewing things from a critical eye.

I fully intend to publish some of his videos at VizTV because, you know, its just good content and people need good content.

This writing would not do justice if I did not point out that Mr Honor has a long running series called the Borg Agenda. I just watched part 7B and I must say it is quite interesting how he equates the Star Trek series to simply being a reenactment of the African slave trade or, at bare minimum, at future rendition of it.

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